Therefore, once again, it cannot be real because it was never made. Miss Liberty and the eagle look very similar, but close inspection reveals marked differences. Comments. The coin was minted in 1794 and 1795; ... eight-real coins (popularly known as Spanish dollars or pieces of eight). The Draped Bust dollar is a United States dollar coin minted from 1795 to 1803, and was reproduced, dated 1804, into the 1850s. see all. A fake 1796 silver dollar recently acquired by Emery is not only magnetic, but bears the Flowing Hair design used in only 1794 and 1795, before the Draped Bust obverse was introduced in 1798. Fake 1794 Flowing Hair Liberty Silver Dollar on show at the National Museum of American History donated by the fake coin dealer interest group aimed to mislead and deceive visitors. The US minted beautiful silver dollars in 1865, but they did not use this pattern. Can I sell it and disclose it might be or is … Bigbuck1975 Posts: 989 January 13, 2020 2:18PM edited January 13, 2020 2:22PM in U.S. Posted: 01/07/21. Again, your 1804 dated dollar is not real. I am from Eastern Europe. Find the current Draped Bust Dollar values by year, coin varieties, and specific grade. Posted on May 27, 2016. It comes from what I call the "vampire" hub. $5,375.00. The coin is a fake if it's not silver. It has no resale value. The Cent has the 7 and the 5 right, Im talking about the form and the thickness of the lines each of these two numbers. The portrait of the liberty bust is centered horizontally within the design on the front of the coin. VF 20. XF 40. The reverse side on this counterfeit coin has the same details as used for other counterfeit trade dollars with a different date on the obverse side. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Silver Filter Applied. ICG. bob. Julian. Since I was little I have enjoyed collecting coins, but it was nothing serious, I dont have rare or valuable coins. A few weeks ago, JM Bullion shared information with our customers and followers regarding the flood of American Silver Eagle counterfeit coins. It's a chinese fake. 6. Draped Bust dollar coins were struck in 1797, but no "Lady Liberty", matter of fact, no US coin is called a "Lady Liberty". Posted: 01/08/21. I have what might be a counterfeit 1799 Liberty Silver Dollar I got from my late Dad that was mixed in with his collection. 1795 P Flowing Hair Dollar Silver Plug: Coin Value Prices, Price Chart, Coin Photos, Mintage Figures, Coin Melt Value, Metal Composition, Mint Mark Location, Statistics & Facts. The real coin became a dream coin that i wanted to get when i was older. $2.99 . Hello. Any information about this? Close. Seller: Bonanza Coins. 1795 Liberty Coin. The 50 Cent does not match with the form and thickness of the lines of the 7 and 5 how they should be. Uncertified. Unless you are very wealthy or you purchased one of the known specimens from a reliable source, your 1804 dated dollar coin is a fake. Is this real? Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Look at the edge it should be lettered with the value such as hundred cents, one dollar or unit. VF 25. I am new here. 583. The Mint and Coinage in 1837. The above image is an example of an 1796 "Small Eagle" Draped Bust Dollar, and it's obvious the coin is fake, however there's other indicators that the coin isn't authentic. The 7 and 5 like its made at the 1795 Half Dollar Double Struck were never made this way. A genuine 1795 dollar is silver, but it's not pure silver. Today, we are looking at a decent-quality counterfeit 1795 Draped Bust silver dollar. Posted on December 20, 2016 Counterfeit, or “fake”, coins are pesky inevitables in the world of coin collecting but there are a number of tips suggested by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) and Professional Coin … This design is known as Draped Bust, Small Eagle and usually commands a high price due to the extremely low mintage at the time. 62.3k members in the coins community. Seated Liberty (1840-73) Trade Dollars (1873-85) Morgan (1878-1921) Peace (1921-35) Eisenhower (1971-78) Susan B Anthony (1979-81,99) Native American (2000-Now) Presidential (2007-Now) Mixed Lots; Certification. I thought it was so cool, and it was the coin that got me into collecting. ): One major variety is the 1795 Draped Bust Silver Dollar featuring the Centered Bust on the obverse of the coin. XF 45. Counterfeit 1799 Trade Dollar Liberty Seated – CC – Reverse side. G 6. Plz check and comment this. This coin is not made in 1795. Nov 23, 2019. F 12. In 1789, the United States Constitution, which granted Congress the power "to coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures", was ratified and came into force. We’re both right, in 2007 the US Mint made changes to the fonts on the silver eagle. The design succeeded the Flowing Hair dollar, which began mintage in 1794 and was the first silver dollar struck by the United States Mint.The designer is unknown, though the distinction is usually credited to artist Gilbert Stuart. This George Washington coin has the pattern of a modern quarter, and was obviously produced as a novelty or for some type of promotion. 4 - Pattern: Probably the things that match the best between the real and fake coins are the patterns. VF 30. Che: We have found an 1804 liberty coin and looks authentic, do you have a local partner in manila that we can visit to authenticate.thanks. Posted by 5 months ago. 1795 Silver Dollar - Solve the debate real or fake. It also helps to have a genuine coin of the same type and era for a side-by-side comparison. Log in sign up. [Cool!] Not knowing, several years ago I posted the coin and got email saying is was not real. Archive. … This design is known as Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle. Get the best deals on 1795 Year Liberty Cap Half Cents (1793-1797) when you shop the largest online selection at They used the famous Seated Liberty design as shown at this CoinQuest link. Much more important are the strike, surfaces, and lettering. Look at the lettering if it is not sharp but mushy in apearance it is a fake. By R.W. Weight was 22.8 grams. Julian. Buy & Sell This Coin. From 1987 – 2007 the O’s were oval and the U had no tail. ANACS. i want to sell it! This page also shows coins listed for sale so you can buy and sell. The bubbles on the reverse scream cast to me. 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar Coin $1 NGC VF Details Obverse Damage. Close. By R.W. Year. User account menu. 6. When checking a coin for authenticity, pay attention to the pattern last. HOWEVER, NEW USERS ARE ASKED TO … Press J to jump to the feed. 0. If there are raised dots on the coin it is a fake. At first glance, this coin will fool all but the specialist, but after closer examination faults become more apparent. NGC. In 1795-1797, a scrawny, naturalistic bald eagle was depicted on the reverse side of all silver coins. If you see a similar coin with this date it is always a fake since there were no real trade dollars minted in the year 1799. If the edge is reeded like a quarter or dime then it is a fake. Jul 15, 2014 - 1794 United States Flowing Hair Liberty Silver Dollar Coin - side No one just finds a real 1795 dollar unless it has been in the family for generations. Dec 29, 2010. The 2 coins I reference are 2013, which the fake lists, so i made sure to have the same year real coin. 40 : 1795 $1 3 Leaves XF40 NGC. PCGS. We welcome longtime collectors, as well as brand new ones and non-collectors. While the 1795 Draped Bust dollar depicts a significantly different version of Miss Liberty than is seen on the obverse of the Flowing Hair dollar, the eagle on the reverse both silver dollar types is vastly similar. VF 35. To me the answer is easy fake, thoughts. APMEX image is a 1987 coin which explains the difference. The 1906 Ellis Island silver dollar is 100% fake because the real coin was not struck until 1986 by the U.S. Mint as a silver commemorative dollar. Coin Forum. Fake. I am 20 now, and I have just bought from an old guy not knowing what he sells this draped bust dollar from 1795. One the obverse, the 6 in the date isn't the correct font and the letters and stars are a bit too large. World Coin Auctions. see all. Those collectors who specialize in the early copper cents often have a soft place in their hearts for coins dated 1794 and 1795. Grade. I remember when i was 7 years old, my father got me a fake 1795 Flowing Hair dollar from the flea market. I wouldn't know real from counterfeit. 25 : 1795 $1 3 Leaves VF25 NGC. They used a genuine 1795 dollar to create an undated bust dollar hub and made a multitude of dies from it. FIVE WAYS TO SPOT A FAKE COIN. A 1796 coin with the small date and small Letters (Bolender One, Two and Three) A 1796 coin with the small date and large Letters (Bolender Four and Six) A 1796 coin with large date and large Letters (Bolender Five) Most of them are very scarce and some a rarity. “The head of Liberty of the dollar of 1795 was designed by Stuart, the celebrated portrait painter, at the request of the Director [William De Saussure], as we learned from a relation of the family, Stuart facetiously remarking that “Liberty on the other coins had run mad,” -- referring to the disheveled hair on the previous coins. Seller: Northern Nevada Coin. The dollar was unanimously chosen by the Congress of the Confederation of the United States on July 6, 1785 as the money unit for the United States. Posted … The cents of 1794 in particular have been studied with great care by researchers for 150 years yet new information still surfaces. Composition. $7,694.50. i have seen every date from 1795 to 1804 all made using this same hub. see all. This XF coin may be the nicest example of this issue we've ever … New Morgan Silver Dollar Fakes Spotted: Tips to Identify Common Forgeries. Please let me know thanks. Some 1796 draped bust silver dollar coin … US Fake George Washington Dollar (Counterfeit) 1865. AUandAG Posts: 22,426 January 13, 2020 2:21PM. QiQiFanFan Best Morgan Silver Dollars-1795 Coin Collecting-Silver Dollar USA Old Original Pre Morgan Dollar 4.0 out of 5 stars 247. What This Coin Looks Like (Obverse, Reverse, Mint Mark Location, Special Features, etc. The real coin became a dream coin that i wanted to get when i was older. With the many email inquiries we receive regarding the 1804 Dollar we thought it would be helpful to show a real one against a fake. The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) recently reported a new Morgan Silver Dollar fake, which is concerning for two reasons. see all. Way underweight just for starters. In 1798, the small eagle was replaced by the Heraldic eagle. Myat Si Thu +9595072713: I have 2 coin I don`t know real or fake but i compare this with real coin image,its totally same.